Should Sellers Stage Their Own Home?
Posted by nuhomesource, 03/21/2018 11:31 am

There are many things that sellers can do on their own to prepare his or her house for sale. Indeed, you know better than anyone what the positive points of your real esate Frisco TX are. Just take the time to prepare it and make radical decisions to sell it faster.

Here are some tips and tricks offered by real estate staging experts. If you are taking the photos, prepare the house the same way you would if a photographer was doing the pictures.

Tidy up

Go through the entire home thoroughly, not to mention the garage and cellar. Empty the premises as much as possible and remove all the wastebaskets and personal items. In the bathrooms, store personal belongings (toothbrushes, shampoo, rolls of toilet paper) out of sight.

Lower the lid on the toilet seat. Put up clean towels, a matching shade, or add some color. says to arrange the furniture so that the highlights of the home are highlighted. Among these highlights: an authentic fireplace, a beautiful view or, for example, a brand-new floor.

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Small tip: pack in boxes everything you no longer need and want. Things that you want to get rid of but are still in good shape, give it to a secondhand store or try to sell it. And everything else, throw it away!

Deep cleaning

Spend a few days on cleaning hardwood floors, door frames, and all cabinets. Do not forget the windows. Remember, every little detail will be broken down by the buyer. Additional tips can be provided by Nu Home Source Realty.

A neutral layout

Be sure to implement a neutral layout. How can one do that? For example, by painting brightly colored walls in white and minimizing bulky furniture or striking works of art.

Sellers should opt for one or two tones to accentuate each space. In the case of a small house, choose one and the same color for the whole house. A relaxing interior will be much better for most people.

Make sure all the beds are made and cover them with a neutral (white) bedspread or a nice duvet cover, matching the colors of the room. Remove family photos and children's drawings. Do not distract the acquirer with your life’s story but let him or her imagine themselves in the home.

Finish any small works in progress

Repair the door latch that came loose or the floor base that does not hold. This will give buyers the impression that you did not neglect anything. Find out more at



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